Congratulations to Meadows Family Farm! Their delicious take on chili won them First Place in the 6th Annual Chili Challenge! Some of the recipes are secrets but we have a few we can share! Thanks to all our participating teams and patrons that made this event a delicious success!

2nd place – Augustino Gusto,LLC

3rd place – Team Chili Chili Bang Bang with Christa and Thomas Carter


Augustino Gusto’s Chili con Carne


  • 2 dried chilies, such as chipotle
  • 2 large red onions
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 1 big bunch of fresh cilantro
  • 3 fresh red chili
  • olive oil
  • 2 carrots
  • 1½ tablespoons sweet smoked paprika
  • 1 stick of cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon cumin seeds
  • 1 pound minced beef
  • 1 pound  minced pork
  • 4 pound plum tomatoes (can)
  • 3 mixed color peppers
  • 4 pound of kidney beans (can)
  • sour cream


  1. In a bowl, cover the dried chilies with boiling water and leave to re-hydrate.
  2. Peel and finely chop the onions and garlic, pick the coriander leaves, then finely chop the stalks. Deseed and finely slice the fresh chilies.
  3. Put a large, dry, sturdy saucepan over a medium heat and, once hot, add 1 tablespoon of oil, followed by the onions, garlic, cilantro stalks and most of the fresh chili. Cook for 10 minutes, or until the onion is soft but not colored.
  4. Peel and finely chop the carrots, and once the onions are soft, stir them into the pan with the paprika, cinnamon stick and half the cumin seeds. Fry for 5 minutes.
  5. Drain and finely slice the rehydrated chilies, reserving the water. Stir into the pan, along with all the mince. Cook for 5 minutes, or until all the liquid has evaporated and the meat has browned.
  6. Add the reserved chili soaking water and tinned tomatoes, season well and bring to the boil. Reduce to a simmer and leave for 1 to 2 hours, or until thickened.
  7. Meanwhile, char the peppers.
  8. Place in a bowl, cover with cling wrap and leave to steam.
  9. Once cool enough, peel the skin off the peppers, deseed, cut into strips and add to the chili.
  10. With about 5 minutes to go, put a large, dry pan over a medium heat and, once hot, toast the remaining cumin seeds for a couple of minutes.
    Then add the beans. Season well, then tip into a serving bowl, scatter over the cilantro leaves and mix together.
  11. Season the chili to taste, remove the cinnamon stick, then scatter over the reserved fresh chili. Serve with the popped beans, soured cream, and whatever else you fancy

Rothchild’s Farm: Cincinnati Chili


2 lbs ground beef
½ cup chopped onion
2/3 cup ketchup
½ cup water
¼ cup chopped celery
2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 ½ tsp Worcestershire sauce
1 ½ tsp salt
1 tsp white vinegar
¼ tsp dry mustard


2 small cans of dark red kidney beans
3 cups of tomato juice
2 tsp chili powder
2 tsp cinnamon “secret ingredient”

  • Brown meat then begin adding ingredients
  • Once all ingredients are added simmer for one hour
  • Serve over pasta
  • Top with grated cheese and/or diced onions