Why Choose a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), is an increasingly popular choice for people who want to support local farmers and enjoy a wide variety of fresh products.  CSA’s offer shoppers simple and convenient access to hand picked, seasonal produce directly from your local farmers.  CSA programs often consist of signing up for a specific number of weeks and receiving a box or bag directly from your farmer each week filled with the freshest fruits and vegetables.  Some farmers may also include other items such as flowers and meats depending on the program with which you contract.  CSA’s are perfect for people who want to eat the freshest possible produce and try new, healthier foods at affordable costs.  There are several farmers at the Market that offer CSA programs.  Check out the different experiences they have to provide and see which one is right for you and your family.


Farlow Farm

Jennifer and Russell Farlow

Farlow Farm’s CSA offers a diverse selection of non-certified organic produce, from Archdale, NC, for those who are seeking adventures in their kitchen.  Farlow Farm also shares their harvest with well known, upscale restaurants in Greensboro and would love to share the same produce in your home.  When you join this CSA you can anticipate a selection of cauliflower, collards, beans, cabbage, herbs, tomatoes, eggplant, fennel, berries and more!  Their CSA also allows members the chance to see the progress of each season through newsletters, on site pick ups and a variety of weekly bounties.  Farlow encourages CSA members to bring their own bags and baskets to help save the environment.  Since their CSA runs through the summer, they are flexible and allow friends and family to pick up on your behalf during vacations.  They also partner with Farmer Food Share at the Market which allows you to donate your bounty to a great cause in the event that you are unable to pick up your share one week.  Farlow Farm can be contacted by phone at (336) 687-8488 and by email at farlowcsa@aol.com.


Handance Farm

Brian and Pat Bush

Handance Farm has been filling CSA bags for twenty-two years.  Located thirty miles north of Greensboro, Brian and Pat Bush have been operating this small farm with permaculture practices since the early 80’s.  They have created their own ecosystem of plants, birds, animals and insects using only small amounts of organic fertilizer and absolutely no pesticides (organic or commercial).  Their CSA bags include food, flowers, herbs, old favorites, and new introductions from cultures and recipes.  Being a member of their CSA program means having vegetable and culinary adventures that help sustain their small family farm and provide the opportunity for them to try growing new things.  Their CSA bags can be picked up at the Market on Saturdays or at their farm on Thursdays.  Handance Farm can be contacted by email at handancen@aim.com.


Mighty Tendril Farm

Emily Madara and Adam Sherwood

After previous collaborative CSA’s, Mighty Tendril Farm, Cedar Grove, NC, will begin offering at their own CSA for 2017.  Their CSA will offer products such as asparagus, berries, snap peas, salad greens, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, broccoli and so much more!  By using crop rotation practices, they maintain a habitat beneficial for insects and birds while covering crops for fertility and weed suppression.  They do not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.  CSA members receive weekly updates, recipes and invitations to CSA potlucks and gatherings on the farm that provide the consumer with the opportunity to see their produce growing.  They will also be offering a flower CSA share that will feature seasonal bouquets of the best blooms in their fields.  Mighty Tendril Farm can be contacted by email at mightytendril@gmail.com.


PTB Farm

Worth and Hillary Kimmel

Pine Trough Branch Farm, offers a unique and flexible CSA model.  The PTB Cooperative works like a farm credit that provides its members with a yearly 10-15% discount, depending on their membership level.  Membership is a great way to support farmers by paying up front for your vegetables, meat, mushrooms, and flowers. This helps pay for seeds, feed, fuel, and marketing costs when farm income is at a yearly low.  When you visit the Market year-round, you can choose the exact farm products you want to form your bounty.  In 2017, PTB will begin offering on-farm pickups in Reidsville, NC.  By becoming a member, you are taking an active role in supporting family farming in Piedmont Triad agriculture and ensuring that safe, healthy, and ecologically centered food remains viable in this region.  PTB Farm can be contacted by phone at (336) 706-8612 and by email at ptbfarm@gmail.com.



Fresh picked cucumbers, bell peppers and more from a Farlow CSA


Eggplant, tomatoes and more in a Handance CSA

Assorted colors of cauliflower from Mighty Tendril Farm

PTB’s fresh picked carrots