Greensboro, NC – Thanks to a $7,500 grant from Cone Health and the Cone Health Foundation, Greensboro Farmers Market, Inc. (GFM) announces the continuation its partnership with the Guilford Community Care Network (GGCN) Orange Card Program. This partnership will provide funding for GCCN participants to purchase fresh foods at the Market on Wednesday or Saturday. GCCN is a non-profit program of community supporters that coordinates health care services for low-income or uninsured individuals in Guilford County.

Orange Card beneficiaries will receive $10 in tokens weekly to shop the Market for fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, meat (lamb, beef, pork, poultry, seafood) and honey.

“The pilot program, which began in November, has exceeded our expectations. Through this generous and important support grant from the Cone Health Foundation, we are currently able to provide fresh healthy foods to 80 Guilford County families a week”; said GFM Executive Director Lee Mortensen.

GFM Board Chair Margaret Winslow said, “Food security for those in is important to our staff and board of directors. GFM devotes significant resources to the programs we coordinate at the market (SNAB/EBT double matching funds, WIC, Senior Nutrition and hosting Farmers Foodshare donations stations).  We are committed to exploring additional ways the Market can address fresh food access challenges in our community.” GFM is seeking additional funds to sustain the orange card program year-round.

“We are thrilled with the results of this program partnership which integrates access to healthy and affordable food options to the patients we serve into their health care plan. Orange Card participants have said physicians are ‘prescribing’ the Orange card at the Market program as they recognize the correlation of better health through healthy eating”, comments Lisa Duck, Guilford Adult Health, Inc. Executive Director.

The Orange Card pilot program was launched in late November 2016 with a $7,000 grant from Cone Health Foundation. The program benefits Guilford County residents and local farmer vendors. Affiliated agencies that have referred clients include:  The Mustard Seed Project, Partners for Community Care, Cone Health Sickle Cell, Cone Health and Wellness, ESP Interactive Resource Center, World Church Service, TAPM Eugene, Family Services, and others.

How It Works

Orange Card holders present their GCCN Orange Card and ID at the manager’s station during Wednesday Market hours, 8 am – 1 pm. Each token is valued at one dollar and may be used in combination with cash or change as vendors may not give change back.  Orange Card Market Tokens may be used at participating vendors displaying Orange Card token signs and tokens maybe used at both Wednesday and Saturday Markets.

The Orange Card Program is a pilot program and is scheduled to run through November 2017 and all Orange Card Tokens must be used by October 31.